We are a team of passionate individuals showcasing the best properties in the market

Our Story

M&T (Murtaza & Team) is the brainchild of Murtaza Hussain, an authority on the real estate market of Dubai. Murtaza started his real estate career in 2008 & soon established himself as a top performer with some of the leading real estate agencies in the Emirate. His vast experience helped him develop a unique perspective and a solid personal brand, he took the leap and set up M&T with a clear vision based on a reputation of delivering consistent success & value for clients.

Our Objective

Our objective is to empower customers with the right information to make successful decisions. We believe in selling solutions, not promises. Team M&T is a diverse group of highly experienced and capable, multi-lingual consultants that specialize in real estate negotiation, comparative market analysis, legal contracts & marketing with a solid track record of delivering results.

Message from our Visionary

The idea behind the inception of M&T is rooted in the belief that every client should only be served with the best the UAE has to offer. Throughout my 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, I have witnessed the immense potential of the UAE and constantly strive to bring the most exciting and attractive investment opportunities to our clients. Trust us to bring you only the best solutions, and enjoy a truly unparalleled customer experience.

- Murtaza Hussain

Director, M&T Realty

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